Girl on the Wing

i surrender all my gall in a song of modern love.

Understand that 99.9% of the time, the What Ifs and worst case scenarios never occur.

—I need this tattooed to the inside of my eyelids.¬†

wow what a beautiful mother she was

wow what a beautiful mother she was

Some wish to be a king or a queen,
Some wish for fortune and fame,
But to be truly, truly, truly loved
Is more than all of these things!
To be loved, to be loved
Oh, what a feeling,
To be loved

the question about who you will love and when you will love him is out of your hands. it’s a mystery that you can’t solve.

—I wish I could stop desperately trying to solve it


How many of you can say you’ve met the perfect man? I’m not just talking about a cute guy, or even a hot one. The perfect one, that makes your celeb crushes look dopey.
Well, I did tonight, on the subway, my most loathed place in the world.
And guess what I did, when I stood right next to him? I did nothing. Not a thing, not even a smile, because I’m a prize idiot.
Let this be a lesson, the next time you see the perfect guy, the one you picture¬†every time you imagine walking down that elusive aisle. TALK TO HIM. If he is a jerk, then at least you won’t have regrets.

This is my amazing 23 year old new york city idiot wisdom